The Master Cleanse [Day 8]

Today, I extended the cleanse and it produced good results. I'm not sure the results are worth keep going for. My intestines feel thoroughly cleansed. Unless something crazy happens in the morning, the cleanse ends tomorrow!

Today, I got a role to play one of Jesus' disciple in THE THORN performed by New Life Church. This production has about 700 people participating and even the practice made me tear up a little bit. As I acted as one of the disciples, with all those people around, it was easy to get into character. It felt real. It's almost like I could see through the eyes of the disciples for a moment or a second or something. I haven't decided if I will join this production, but I am impressed. Not only am I impressed by the caliber of this production, I felt very welcomed by the cast members. Well done thorn people.

That's the cleanse update for the day and it could, perhaps, be the last.


The Master Cleanse [Day 7]

An eventful cleanse day!

During the day's course, I found myself in the bathroom twice--releasing toxins from my body! Finally, the efforts paid off and my body is ridding harm into the toilet.

Ironically, this happened to be the last day of my cleanse.

Because my body is doing this, I am extending the cleanse until tomorrow morning to see what else my body produces (in the salt water flush). If it produces nothing, I end this and eat food again.

I'm very curious. This alone motivates me to press on.

To be honest, I'm starting to feel a deep hunger inside of me. On top of that, I'm getting pretty skinny. If it wasn't curiousity, I'd end immediately.


The Master Cleanse [Day 6]

Tomorrow is my last day, though I haven't experienced significant cleansing. I lost a lot of weight and use the last notch on my belt now. Losing weight was not my goal.

My self control, discipline and sensitivity have increased. I am thankful that God allowed me to journey this Master Cleanse. The fasted lifestyle is a blessed lifestyle because it forces us to daily punch our souls in the face and let our spirits lead. As we walk by the spirit, we experience the heart and direction of the Father in intimate ways--just like Adam did as he walked in the cool of the day (the cool of the day can also be translated as wind which can also be translated as spirit).

In my small group, after we watched a teaching from "Becoming Who You Are" by Dutch Sheets (which I highly suggest or his book "Roll Away Your Stone"), I felt like the LORD wanted to bringing healing to the women in our group. So, we began speaking identity and life by saying things like, "You are beautiful and loved" or "You are not failure and you will fulfill your destiny as a daughter of the King." Some of the women began to weep and others meditated on the internal work the Father began inside of them. So powerful. So so powerful. I loved being part of this. I love watching women blossom as the men offered their strength--truly a beautiful demonstration.



The Master Cleanse [Day 5]

Another uneventful cleansing today. Though I'm losing weight, I'm not losing the toxins inside of my colon. This is unfortunate. Unless progress dramatically changes, this cleanse ends Monday night (after 7 complete days of fasting/cleansing). After that, I continue the Daniel fast until March 2nd and my house guys are each ordering a pizza from different companies. For some reason, we've craved all sorts of pizza brands (Papa John's, Louie's, Boriello Brothers, etc.), so we're getting those varieties! I'm totally stoked for that.

An uneventful cleansing day, but still an eventful day. Here are some of those events.

  • I edited some pictures I took yesterday. Some of them turned out like man-engagement pictures. A lot of bro-mance going on, but they like women (picture below)
  • I went to Denver for a gathering of Kingdom leaders in Colorado. It was an encouraging experience to hear what the LORD is doing through out the state. I believe God is going to marry different strategies and the generations in order to bring awakening and reformation on an unprecedented scale. Some of these seasoned leaders are giving young emerging leaders--like--me a voice and are serious about this whole spirit of adoption and unity in the body. I loved it.
  • Went bowling with a group of friends.

The Master Cleans [Day 4]

I forgot one liter of my potion today, so I wasn't completely true to the Master Cleanse. Actually I'm pretty bummed about that (primarily because the potion curbs my hunger).

Besides that, I have no updates.

On a different note, a group of friends and I went out and followed the "spirit of adventure."

This manifested in several ways:

  • Shining a spotlight and alarming people with a blowhorn as they made out in the Colorado Mountains. These people parked near an overlook and did their business while we snuck up with a million candle flash light and a blowhorn. Some people were really startled, angry and surprised and we caught people in some startling situations. Quite hilarious.
  • Grabbing street cones
  • Trying to walk into gatherings held at a Hilton Hotel
  • Jumping into a coffee shop drive thru
  • Having a conversation about walking in the power of God for evangelism

It was a decent night.