MISSION ACCOMPLISHED [Singing Blogrimage Day 30/30]


Talking about the end!


  • Last band practice before the show on Thursday
  • Finished the 30 day challenge!


It is finished. It feels great to finish what I started. Though the true concert finale is on Thursday, I have been faithful to the 30 days.

I've learned a lot. I learned about the work, the components and the techniques of singing. I don't feel like I have mastered any of these things, though. My mistakes are more obvious to me, but I am also a more confident singer now.

The singer I was 30 days ago is long gone.

Thank you for everyone who has supported me in this challenge! Singing is vulnerable and difficult, but I felt the support of great people.

Special thanks to Jen McClure for coaching me. Special thanks to Amreitha for helping me all along the way. Special thanks to the Jennings brothers and the Fernandez brothers for being in the band and spending late nights in practice!

If you're thinking about becoming a singer. Practice a lot, and practice correctly! Learn the basics and get them into your muscle memory. It's a fun and challenging experience--totally worth it!


FINAL LESSON [Singing Blogrimage Day 29/30]


The last voice lesson. Working on the Doxology. Adding the harmony from Amreitha.


  • Last lesson
  • Memorizing lyrics
  • Memorizing Melodies
  • Getting the songs down for the recital


Wow. Final lesson. This month has not flown by, but it does not seem like it has already been a month. I've now lived in Michigan three months (as of yesterday), and 33.333333% of that has been this singing BLOGRIMAGE.

During our last lesson, Amreitha attended and sang a harmony for the Doxology. We all worked on the song order and tweaked my voice.

They both said that I sound like a much better singer than I did 30 days ago. That's encouraging. I do feel more confident for my concert. I'm excited!

Tomorrow, we have our final band practice. I hope everything goes well and I can nail my parts down!

So much to remember. Lyrics. Timing. Breath. Jaw dropped. Posture. Breathing through Diaphragm. Consonants. Vowels. Etc.

I'll get it all.

DOX [Singing Blogrimage Day 28/30]


Trying to work on the doxology and sound better! Not sure that I am.


  • Worked on Doxology


The BLOGRIMAGE is almost over! Worked on some singing today. Still memorizing everything. Had a great Easter. We dumped thousands of eggs on kids from a helicopter--so sweet.

Worked on some of my songs today. Still not sounding exactly like I want, but I'm feeling a little more confident. Hopefully that confidence carries through into Thursday!

MEMORIZE THIS [Singing Blogrimage Day 27/30]


Showcasing the recent song I memorized.


  • Memorized "Great is the LORD"


Here we are in the nitty gritty of performance time. Getting the songs memorized. Running through them and developing my muscle memory is all part of my daily routine now.

I think I have a good pace and all the songs will be ready to go. Most likely, I'll have a cheat sheet in case my nerves kick in.

I think memorizing the lyrics will allow me to sing more confidently and focus on pitch. That's the plan anyways until the concert!

TROLLING [Singing Blogrimage Day 26/30]


This is what I want to sound like on Thursday.


  • Cancelled Voice lesson
  • Practicing breathing and melodies


Didn't do much singing, but I launched my wedding site! Check out www.theJeevaWedding.com. Also, I watched the Hunger Games. There was some singing in that.

We're in one of our busiest times at the church, so I haven't been spending a lot on singing. Tomorrow, we're doing a huge outreach. Today we had a Good Friday Service. Sunday, we have an amazing Easter Service. I'm in the office 12 days in a row, but I love what's happening!

I'll keep singing.