I struggle with Ikea [HOMEMAKER DAY 2]

I struggle with Ikea [HOMEMAKER DAY 2]

Since I don't have a history of building, I need a lot of help. During my Elementary school years, I designed, cut and engineered some plywood to transform my bike into a helicopter. Gears made out of wood, a propeller made out of wood, and whole lot of ingenuity went into the making of my helicopter bike. For sure, I thought it would fly. It never flew, but my dreams of being handy did fly far into 2018 and into this Blogrimage. 

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Eve [500K DAY 29]

Tomorrow is the last day of the 30 day blogrimage. I hate to say this, but I'm so happy this is the last day! Writing about money--specifically asking for money--is not the easiest or most fun. 

We still have 5 months until we're most likely going to start our first service, so we have more time to raise support. Behind the scenes this will happen, and won't be talking so much online about asking for money. 

As of now, though, we have a steady supply of monthly givers, and are very encouraged with how far we've come in a month. We still have more to go, but we're way closer to our goals.