Build Day [HOMEMAKER DAY 24]

The main part of the structure is built! It's been a lot of planning and collecting supplies, but now we have something physical. 

Buy Nothing Bellevue [HOMEMAKER DAY 18 & 19]

There's a private facebook group called, "Buy Nothing Bellevue" for exchanging goods with people geographically close.

Help from the guys [HOMEMAKER DAY 17]

Had some of the guys come over to look at the structure. They realized this project was much cooler than they’d originally imagined. There excitement excites me, and I think we’ll be hanging out in this thing during the summer. 

Feeling it out [HOMEMAKER DAY 16]

Today, I brought the pallets to the building site. With projects and leadership, I tend to be more artist than scientist. For me, feeling things out is really important. So, I just started experimenting with shapes and locations today. 


I'm getting really excited about this project! The more time I invest, the more passionate I get.

Making Plans [HOMEMAKER DAY 14]

Happy Pi day! Because I was in an amazing 8 hour session learning about the Gospel of John (taught by Tim Mackie from the Bible Project) I wasn't able to scavenge for more pallets.

Scavenging [HOMEMAKER DAY 13]

Went to 3 places looking for pallets today. 

More Material [HOMEMAKER DAY 12]

I'm collecting more and more material, and making plans to use what I have. Here's an update of what's currently out there. 

Pallet Harvest [HOMEMAKER DAY 11]

After a week of uneventful blog posts, I actually have something to share. Also, I'm rested after flying on a plane with two year old and no longer think I'm in Michigan! 

Boring Blog [HOMEMAKER DAY 9 & 10]

I just spent the last week in California and now I'm back in Michigan. Building a house from another state is not ideal and this blog has suffered because of it.

Free Lumber! [HOMEMAKER DAY 8]

With this challenge, lots of people are telling me about lumber around Seattle. 

California [HOMEMAKER DAY 6 & 7]

Yesterday, Amreitha and Obi flew with me to California. 


At 4am, I'm heading to California. Scavenging for supplies and building will be put on hold for the next 5 days.  

Delegating [HOMEMAKER DAY 4]

Some people say my Blogrimage is a 30 day delegation challenge. 

Different Kind of Frames [HOMEMAKER DAY 3]

Building a house wood frame by video frame. 

I struggle with Ikea [HOMEMAKER DAY 2]

Since I don't have a history of building, I need a lot of help. During my Elementary school years, I designed, cut and engineered some plywood to transform my bike into a helicopter. Gears made out of wood, a propeller made out of wood, and whole lot of ingenuity went into the making of my helicopter bike. For sure, I thought it would fly. It never flew, but my dreams of being handy did fly far into 2018 and into this Blogrimage. 

Building a home [HOMEMAKER DAY 1]

I'm going to build something in 30 days and sleep in it. 

Done but not done [500K DAY 30]

It's been 30 days since we started and it's done, but it's not completely done. 

We've fundraised our hearts out. So many messages, calls, texts and awkward conversations. Did we raise $500,000? Nope! Did we raise a lot of money? Yes!