First Haircut! [Autism + Nala 11/30]

Snip Snip and lock after curly lock hit the ground. What a sad day! After living three years, Obi received his first hair cut! Though it was tough to see the hair (and tons of cool factor) leave, he still looks very handsome to me.

Paternity Leave [Autism + Nala 10/30]

Today, I preached my last sermon before Nala (my unborn daughter) comes! As far as pastoral work, this was my last assignment before solely focusing on Nala’s birth.

Church [Autism + Nala 9/30]

Not only does Obi have advocates at school, he has a whole church community (that he helped start) fighting for him. A year and a half ago, we started Kalos Church in a comedy club (no joke) on the Eastside of Seattle (Bellevue).

Jigsaw Junction [Autism + Nala 8/30]

The best thing I can say about Jigsaw Junction (Obi’s Applied Behavior Analysis School) is that the staff loves him. Amreitha and I feel like we have competent allies helping us care for Obi.

Miracle School [Autism + Nala 7/30]

After spending thousands of dollars for the diagnosis, we were unable to find a school for Obi. With the increased amount of ASD, schools were at capacity.

My wife Amreitha and I visited, called and begged schools to let our son in.

Getting in Therapy [Autism + Nala 6/30]

Once Obi received his second official diagnosis for ASD, we had the hard job of getting Obi in therapy. Since it was summer, most schools were at capacity or unwilling to take students. Amreitha and I talked to dozens of schools on the phone, filled out dozens of applications on websites, and drove to every school we could find near our home.

Autism is Expensive [Autism + Nala 5/30]

Diagnosis. Diet. Occupational Therapy. Doctors. Speech Therapy. Supplements. ABA Therapy. We have spent thousands of dollars (while church planting) in setting up Obi for success.

Hard to Pray [Autism + Nala 4/30]

Amreitha and I sing a song, kiss and pray for Obi every night. We’ve prayed for him daily before he was even born. Yet, with all those prayers, he still faced difficulties and setbacks.

Dad Guilt [Autism + Nala 3/30]

After Obi got diagnosed with ASD, I felt guilty about being sad. There are so many wonderful people with Autism and so many people dealing with “worse” issues. How could I feel sad?

Why share now? [Autism + Nala 2/30]

A few parents also reached out to let us know they are privately dealing with the same diagnosis with their children and are not ready to share yet. It’s a big deal to share something like this, and I completely understand why some might not be ready to share yet…or at all.

The 2019 Blogrimage Begins!  [Autism + Nala 1/30]

For the next 30 days, I will write about my journey with Autism and process having a new daughter (March 12 is the due date!). Whether it’s in journaling, blogging or preparing for a sermon, I find that writing down words helps me navigate my own emotions. I look forward to journeying through all this with you!

Build Day [HOMEMAKER DAY 24]

The main part of the structure is built! It's been a lot of planning and collecting supplies, but now we have something physical. 

Buy Nothing Bellevue [HOMEMAKER DAY 18 & 19]

There's a private facebook group called, "Buy Nothing Bellevue" for exchanging goods with people geographically close.

Help from the guys [HOMEMAKER DAY 17]

Had some of the guys come over to look at the structure. They realized this project was much cooler than they’d originally imagined. There excitement excites me, and I think we’ll be hanging out in this thing during the summer. 

Feeling it out [HOMEMAKER DAY 16]

Today, I brought the pallets to the building site. With projects and leadership, I tend to be more artist than scientist. For me, feeling things out is really important. So, I just started experimenting with shapes and locations today. 


I'm getting really excited about this project! The more time I invest, the more passionate I get.

Making Plans [HOMEMAKER DAY 14]

Happy Pi day! Because I was in an amazing 8 hour session learning about the Gospel of John (taught by Tim Mackie from the Bible Project) I wasn't able to scavenge for more pallets.

Scavenging [HOMEMAKER DAY 13]

Went to 3 places looking for pallets today. 

More Material [HOMEMAKER DAY 12]

I'm collecting more and more material, and making plans to use what I have. Here's an update of what's currently out there.