Biblical Justice and "Jewish" Dance Parties

Last night, I unintentionally had a pretty cool adventure.

After cleaning, throwing the football around and hanging out with my dad yesterday, I set out to attend the Knight girl's (pictured to the left) house warming party.

I met these girls rather uniquely, at least one. The girl in the middle, Adrielle and I met while watching a meteor shower here in Colorado. The thing is, it was pitch black that night. We talked for hours waiting for the meteors to show and never saw each other's face. I didn't know what she looked like for two weeks until I saw her in the light for the first time.

I saw a facebook invitation for their house warming party and decided to go. My friend Sarah, who had also met this girl under meteors , came along with me.

We could not find the house. We roamed through some shady parts in downtown Colorado Springs with out any success in finding it. Finally we pulled out Sarah's laptop and looked up the house address on Facebook.

The party wasn't until next week.

Even so, we determined in our hearts that we wouldn't leave until we found the house. Turns out, I had parked right in front of the house entrance--the perfect spot. The house was very hidden, but we found it and laughed about how close we were.

Even feeling pretty dumb about screwing up the dates, we knocked on the door. Two girls, both I really didn't know, opened the doors and laughed while we told them our situation. Amy Knight invited us into her house while Laura served us Jasmine tea and homemade-sugar-free-caramel-popcorn (this was Sarah's first time seeing any of the Knights in the light).

We all got to know each other and it was turning out to be a great night. Amy Knight and I got into a conversation of the differences between Biblical justice and modern justice. For example, in the Bible, if someone got something stolen, it was restored by the thief seven fold. Currently, if something is stolen, that person goes to jail and the victim gets nothing (unless the victim has insurance and the stolen items are covered). In jail, many people learn how to become better criminals. The amount of money we spend on bigger and better prison facilities could be spent on the root of the problems of depravity and focus on redeeming lives, instead of confining them.

All that was great conversation, but it got cut short.

Adrielle invited me to go to a "Jewish" party. This party took place way out in nowhere land. Turns out it was a Christian Italian Dance party. It was really strange, though I got to connect with some really cool people.

One guy, James, shared with me how he questioned everything about Christianity. As an Anthropology major, he mentioned, it was hard to accept the validity of the Bible and the stories of man concerning Christianity. I shared my thoughts on all this stuff and he seemed to buy in. As Ravi Zacharias says about critiquing religions, I advised him to always judge something based on the perfect source, not the imperfections. So, if you are going to judge Christianity, don't judge it by all the messed up Christians you see. Judge Jesus and see if what He teaches and proclaims in credible. Study the founder of Islam. Study the founder of Buddhism. As we study the sources of these different organizations, I told him, I believe you will discover new truths about all of them.

It was a good night. Thanks Knights for taking me in!