Big Ballin'

On Friday the 5th my hotel gathered all the employees from two properties to discuss the state of our economy and how responsible financial changes needed to begin in order for us to do well.

Before that meeting, I got a raise.

It’s cool because the company standard is that employees qualify for a raise after three months—I’ve worked at the hotel for only two months. After a series of fortunate events (for me), however, I received a raise and then went to the meeting where we learned about the economic changes we must make in adjustment to the American economic recession.

I like it.

On a different track, from Dec. 28-31 I plan on attending the ONETHING conference, hosted by IHOP. I’m excited. My heart and mind are pregnant with expectation for this meeting, though I don’t really know what’s happening there. I feel like I’m supposed to go. If you want to go and carpool with a group from Colorado Springs, let me know. It’s predicted to be a blast.