The Master Cleanse

I am about to do "The Master Cleanse" and I'm very excited. This is going to clean out my intestines and much more.

During this month, a lot of my friends and I have been doing different types of fasting. I'm finding that we are becoming more and more comfortable with a "lifestyle of fasting." This lifestyle has many health, as well as spiritual, benefits.

When a few of the disciples found themselves unable to cast a demon out, Jesus told them they needed to fast. I'm seeing a lot of vices and faults today that the Church is unable to cast out, and I wonder if Jesus' principle still applies here. In that passage, Jesus then discusses the issues of faith. If you have the faith of a mustard seed, He says, you can throw mountains into water.

Because Jesus addresses faith, it seems like unbelief is the issues that prevented these few disciples from casting out the demon. When we fast, we are so dependent on God, that our unbelief begins to dies. We become more sensitive to the things of the Spirit and the death of sin. Unbelief begins to die when fasting--at least that's what I'm experiencing.

With all the issues of the Church, I believe fasting and praying will help us clean up and begin a revolution. A revolution that sees many Christians enter into a true relationship with Jesus Christ and begin the process of societal reformation. If you are dealing with unbelief and want to change, I suggest you fast. If you are wanting to see the Church function as she was supposed, I suggest you fast. If you want to walk in a deeper level of dependency on the LORD, I suggest you fast.



When a person fasts, he or she is not starving--just changing the diet from natural food to spiritual food, like reading the bible (eating the scroll) and praying.