The Master Cleanse [Day 3]

Still, not much is happening. A few of my friends are experiencing the same--just "water poops."

On the other hand, two guys are experiencing short scale cleansing. What's the deal? If you've done The Master Cleanse and experienced the same, please let me know and give me insight.


  • Dominated the Salt water flush (suprisingly, drinking a quart of salt water is getting easy)
  • Not experiencing too much hunger (I believe the Maple Syrup helps a lot)
  • Using the Urinal quite a bit
  • Really wanting to eat "Louie's Pizza" (a bunch of us moved a gigantic hot tub and got this pizza as a reward, but I didn't partake)
  • Really wanting to eat Burger King (their dollar menu is off the hook!)
  • I can feel the potion burning inside of me

Those are pretty much the events from Day 3