The Master Cleanse [Day 8]

Today, I extended the cleanse and it produced good results. I'm not sure the results are worth keep going for. My intestines feel thoroughly cleansed. Unless something crazy happens in the morning, the cleanse ends tomorrow!

Today, I got a role to play one of Jesus' disciple in THE THORN performed by New Life Church. This production has about 700 people participating and even the practice made me tear up a little bit. As I acted as one of the disciples, with all those people around, it was easy to get into character. It felt real. It's almost like I could see through the eyes of the disciples for a moment or a second or something. I haven't decided if I will join this production, but I am impressed. Not only am I impressed by the caliber of this production, I felt very welcomed by the cast members. Well done thorn people.

That's the cleanse update for the day and it could, perhaps, be the last.