Family Time.

My cousin Subashini visited me in Colorado Springs today. We laughed and enjoyed touring around Denver and Colorado Springs while playing music youngsters used to hear on TRL in the late 90's.

Subi is the first family member to meet my girlfriend Amreitha. The meeting avoided any awkwardness because of one reason, I believe: they are both four feet eleven inches. They got along really well (at least externally).

Subi's never been in Colorado before, so we showed her the ropes.

We traveled the tourist hot spots and two things amazed me:

1. Even after years of distance, I can always pick up with my family and it feels normal
2. Even after years of closeness, I can always view the things around me and it feels new

Touring the cities of Colorado Springs and Denver allowed me to see new places and perspectives that I hadn't before. I love that. We can never grow complacent or bored as long as we're willing to experience and learn. Even if I've seen something a million times, I won't get bored. Anything can be an adventure, story or an experience.

I have a theory: only boring people get bored. Last week, I watched three, ten year old boys play a made up game for 30 to 40 minutes. The game: push each other over, get up and start over.

I love that! All they did was push each other over and didn't get bored! Why? Because they found excitement in it.

Only boring people get bored. Be the adventure you wish to see.