Jumping Rope [Day 1]

Let the Blogrimage Begin!

First of all, I’m pumped that 25 plus people are Blogrimaging! This blogged pilgrimage is proof that life is lived by those who choose to live it and we construct that crowd.

For those who don’t know, the next 30 days are to be blogged with documentation of an adventure lived, skill developed, or story told daily. My journey of jumping rope 1000-2000 to repetitions a day started today, March 15th in Korea.

Here is my Jump Rope! It’s kind of junky.

People who know me well know that I often jump from passion to passion. As life progresses, I love to learn fast and dive in with various adventures and skills (photography, videos, books, blogrimages, etc.). My latest craze is studying about ab excercies.

There is a lot of garbage out there, but also some good products. I primarily saw these practices promoted in order to get that six pack:

1. The Abs Diet, Low Carb Diet, Master Cleanse and Counting Calories

2. Ab excercies (crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts)

3. Ab toys (ab wheel, ab lounger, ab shocker belt)

4. Extreme amounts of cardio (running, stationary bike, elipitcal)

5. Jumping Rope

6. High Intensity Interval training

I am focusing on 5 and 6. From the results I’ve seen online, they seem the most legitimate. Though, I have to admit, I am focusing on 1 just as much. They say, “abs are made in the kitchen,” so I’m avoiding drinking any pop or fruit juices,  unhealthy sugar, white bread, white rice, and lowering the amount of carbohydrates in my diet. These are the things I will focus on in order to get abs:

1. Lots of sleep

2. Eat 5-6 times a day (keep my metabolism high)

3. Eat lifestyle healthy (probably won’t go cold turkey on unhealthy foods, but will avoid most)

4. High Intensity Interval training

5. Jumping Rope

6. Drinking lots of water

This is my relative plan to get abs. I’m not sure it will happen in 30 days. It’s okay—the discipline is more of what is desired.

Thanks for following. As the 30 days progress, I’ll add more health information. Please comment if you have any suggestions.