Jumping Rope [Day 3]

Walking to my bus stop identified soreness in my calves. Last night, my calves wanted to cramp up. Last time this happened is freshmen year of college. I tried training with the track team without stretching or drinking water. Though I kept up, afterwards I began blacking out and both my calves cramped up. The track coach yelled at me, and asked a big black guy to pick me up--like a husband with his new bride--walk me to the bleachers and massage me. Not only did he massage me, he did it soft and tender because applied pressure hurt too much.

A teacher colleague of mine bought a book (ROPESPORT: The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout) for me today! Thanks David!

This book is helpful and full of hilarious quotes. From now on, each blog will include an entertaining quote from that book.

Still loving following everyone’s BLOGRIMAGES and appreciate the comments!


1. Thought I’d be suffering through this session, but my soreness wasn’t too bad.

2. Did 5 double unders in a row!

3. Criss-crossed a couple times (makes you jump! Jump!).

4. Jumped about 1300 times.

5. Over corrected my right foot and now my left is jumping higher!


The Origin of Double Dutch

"A history of the game written by David A. Walker, the founder of the sport, traces the probable origins to ancient Phoenician, Egyptian and Chinese ropemakers..."

"The Dutch settlers brought the game to the Hudson River trading town of New Amsterdam (now New York City). When the English arrived and saw the children playing their game, they called it Double Dutch."

The modern competitive game however bagan in "...1973, David A. Walker, then a New York City Police Community Affairs Detective, joined by his partner Detective Ulysses Williams, developed the street game of Double Dutch into the World Class Sport that it is today."



The opening sentence of the book says, “Like so many millions of people, my first memories of jumping rope are as a kid on the local school playground.”