SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 6]


“MTV with a Jump Rope”

Today was nuts! Though, traveling from Busan to Daegu then to Cheongdo tired Amreitha and I greatly, the brought us a lot of energy and excitement. We traveled with foreigners from all over the world to visit a wine tunnel and a Korean Bull Fight. A local Korean magazine hired me to take pictures, so it was a free adventure.

Free Adventure

My step dad taught me a lot about theology (he is a Lutheran Pastor in California). One of the greatest lessons he taught me concerned free adventure. He said that money and circumstances doesn’t dictate adventure or fun. He said that adventure could be found anywhere without paying a dime. It was from this mindset, we biked across Minnesota, climbed collapsing sand mountains, train hopped (with his son), “extremely” canoed and did a number of things. My spirit of adventure comes largely from this passed on lesson.

Anyways, I felt like we participated in a true Korean event. Yeah, I was more entertained by watching the people than the event, but I overall I loved being there. If taking pictures didn’t dictate my time, I would have jumped. However, it was, so I reserved jumping for home once again.


1. I think I’m seeing a slight difference in my stomach size and tone

2. I gave myself strawberries and incentives

3. Completed 6 double-unders in a row!

4. 160 in one minute again


“Bloomer [Wisconsin] is the Jump Rope Capital of the World.”