IN THE GYM [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 8]


In the classes I teach I’ll periodically yell out, “You’re just dancing with your rope.”
Worked all day and decided to jump in between my last class and bus pickup. With only an hour, I quickly changed clothes and started jumping. Five minutes after arriving, Amreitha got on the treadmill besides me (we had the whole gym to ourselves!).
Immediately, the high ceiling, wooden floor (with a little bounce), and open space drastically changed my jumping. No longer confined, I felt greatly more comfortable here. In my house, I am trying not to hit the ceiling, hit the floor too hard (neighbors), hit the walls, or hit my furniture. That alone is a work out. The gym welcomed flails of many sorts—including 14 double-unders in a row! That is almost double my previous record of 8!
My external environment increased, but my body seems to dislike all this jumping. The left knee whimpers each jump, so I slowed my pace a bit. I wonder what’s going on there? The concrete in my house probably doesn’t help.
1. Jumped in a Gym
2. 14 double-unders in a row
3. Left knee hurts when jumping
4. 1000 in 15 minutes
5. Wanting a knew rope or tape to balance existing rope
In the United States, the main jump rope organization is USA Jump Rope. USAJR is composed of hundreds of jump roping teams and hundreds of jumpers from all over the country.