Blown Mind [Jumping Rope BLOGRIMAGE: Day 10]


"Just like jumping backward, virtually every Rope Turn and Resting Move can and should be done backward!"

My mind is blown with Jumping Rope as I ponder a cross-road. Looking at different jumpers around the world (competitive, freestyle and dance), blew open the limits of my jump rope perspective. Because of this, my abs may or may have not found an enemy. Trick jump ropers are like the bboys of dancing. The raw cool factor in their possession is lethal—like Joe Schmidt.
Plainly stated, a world of jumping rope is inhabited by tricksters, super athletes, incredibly cool looking people, normals and me.
You know how I am struggling with double-unders? Some people can do sextuplet unders. Six revolutions in one jump! Incredible. These highly skilled guys must have like 10 girlfriends each. So lucky!
For something that seems so lame, competitively, jumping rope is really impressive. Don’t believe me? Check out this video. Extreme!
Thus, my newly gained ab enemy. Because of all this extreme coolness, I kind of want to spend my BLOGRIMAGE learning tricks instead of defining abs. This would set everything off course! There are a lot of performing jumpers that possess undefined abs, probably because of an unhealthy diet or robbing God in tithes and offering—unlike Joe Schmidt.
In reality, the type jump rope style probably doesn’t determine the ab level. Food, water, rest and timing all play their parts. Maybe abs and tricks aren’t enemies.
In that case I’ll do both, it is a BLOGRIMAGE afterall.
1. 32 Double-Unders!
2. 1300 revolutions
3. 1 Double-Under Criss-Cross Jump
4. 1300 jumps
5. No issues with Knee (think the wood is making a big difference)
Alternate foot jump (speed step)
This style consists of using alternate feet to jump off the ground. This technique can be used to effectively double the number of skips per minute as compared to the above technique.