KOREAN FABIO IN SPEEDO [Jumping Rope Blogrimage [Day 12]


Speedo. Today I jumped with a famous Korean man in a speedo. While jumping by the beach, I saw a man running in the waves with a camera crew following and old grandmas (ajjimas) laughing in the background. His clothing consisted of a gold speedo and a necklace (watch the video posted above). The show is called, "Surprise Me" on the SBS network. It looked to be something like Candid Camera or Jersey Sure.

I felt a little odd jumping on the beach. The cold harsh sea wind beat against my legs and Koreans gawked and tried holding conversations with me while I jumped. A Sri Lankan american wearing shorts in frigid weather and unimpressively jumping rope is apparently strange to these people. Though my actions seemed strange enough, it did not compare to this man, this Fabio. 
He possessed the aura of a famous man. He possessed the hair length and build of Romance Novel cover model. He possessed a speedo. 
As I watched him rhythmically running down the shorelines, I noticed a wave. Not the normal kind of wave you'd expect to see at the beach, but a wave from Korean Fabio, or Kabio. He waved and change course to approach me. "Hello! Would you like to try my jump rope," he said. A weighted jump rope! I was so excited to try one of these. They are surprisingly easy to use but hard to sustain. 
Surrounded by a film crew, old ladies and Kabio I realized that I found primary excitement in holding a weighted jump rope. I feel like such a nerd to be excited by such things in such circumstances. Have I taken this BLOGRIMAGE too far in my heart? Probably, but I like it that way.
I asked if Kabio would jump rope at the same time as me. It turned into a battle of America verses Korea. He yelled things like, "Behold the power of Kimchi!" and I lost. And on Thursday, all of Korea can watch on SBS. 
Thanks Kabio.
If it wasn't for this BLOGRIMAGE, none of this would have happened!

1. Jumped with a famous Korean in a speedo
2. 1500 Reps
3. Lost a jumping contest with the Korean fitness man
4. Various double unders and cross overs
5. Lost 4 pounds.