SPEED ROPE [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 14]

Slept in today and felt good about it. Because Amreitha and I traveled light in Busan, Korea, sleeping in bath-house jimjilbang (see the video posted above), we carried our luggage with us at all times. The jimjilbangs only hold belongings while the owner is present. This combined with jumping led to extremely tired legs (though I can’t complain considering there are blogs like this). Resting today helped my legs recover.
Additionally, to continue the journey safely, I bought a knee brace and a new jumprope. Wearing a brace feels safe and supportive and the new rope is extremely fast, but also short. I wish it was one to two feet longer. The length is perfect for my short girlfriend (who will now primarily use the rope).
My old rope is ghetto and causes the tips of my fingers to bleed (the metal tips catch my finger during rotations).
I’m excited to get back into a routine tomorrow, and hopefully a new rope.
1. Bought a speedrope (a very short and light rope)
2. Jumped first thing in the morning (1300 revolutions)
3. Bought a knee brace