DEEP ACHE [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 22]

This BLOGRIMAGE is nearing the finish-line and my legs feel it. Now, it's as my calves contain a deep ache. Muscles typically burn during exercise, but now they ache. Adding to it is my joint issues. They hurt especially hard after I jump on concrete like surfaces--I think I've narrowed down the pain variable.

Day 22 already. Wow. I'm already considering my next journey (perhaps songwriting with my GF or building a Treehouse).

When this journey completes, I will most likely still jump rope. Everyday is a bit much, so I will rest way more often. I don't this much jumping is good for anyone. Though my legs hate it, I look daily look forward to jumping as it provides a nice break in the day (when I'm not doing it at 3am).



1. 1200 revolutions
2. Legs have a deep fatigue