THREE MINUTES [stand up comedy BLOGRMAGE: DAY 11]

On Monday, I'm signing up for the open mike at the Acme Comedy Co (one of the top 5 comedy clubs in America) and I don't feel prepared. Newcomers only get three minute sets and depending on how you do with performing and etiquette, you can perform again for five minutes the following week.

I'm primarily nervous because bombing the set could hurt my chances of performing again in this great environment. Nonetheless, I must try, despite potential failure.

I'm also nervous because I really want to be good at this.

Today I went to a coffee shop, wrote and practiced my jokes on my girlfriend. It's crazy how eliminating a word here or there and rephrasing something can turn a bad joke into a good one. One liners are fun to write, but are hard to think of. I kind of just wait for something to pop in my mind, and then I write it down. Writing stories is a lot harder. For some reason, my stories have been my weakness in comedy. This is surprising because it's my strength in real life.

To keep me thinking, I could use some help.

Please comment with half sentences and I'll finish them.

 For example, a comment could look like, "The other day I walked into a grocery store and..." or something crazy. And I'll try to finish it.