I'm taking a few post-master's classes for my state Principal licensure, and my teacher assigned us a few leadership videos to watch. The video posted above is not one of them, but the same producer of a different video we were assigned.

It discusses the ideals of failure. I'm a huge fan of failure, but freaked out by it. In my private life, I love failing. In my public life, however, I hate it.

Tomorrow night (my debut performance), it's very possible that I will fail, and that's okay. I picked stand up comedy for this BLOGRIMAGE because it scared me the most. It still does scare me.

I practiced some jokes on my friend today and he did not laugh nearly as much as I would like. The jokes felt sterile and the content seemed lacking. Then, I tried my jokes on my roommate, and as usual, he laughed at them all. I think my jokes are a little more funny If I am a character. I might play that up tomorrow night by creating a character that is not me. We'll see.

I have to finalize my material and memorize it. Yikes.

However it goes, it's going to be awesome.