Over the past couple of years  I've been learning photography, and I love the new experiences it gives me. Within a year of starting to take pictures, I worked for a magazine in Korea. That magazine called on me to document certain events and aspects of the Korean culture I would have never known if not for them. Now, I'm freelancing for a magazine in the Twin cities, and feel like I'm seeing things that I would have never seen without photography.

Last week, I shot a Fashion Runway Show. This whole environment is kind of strange and a little intimidating. Every non model that walks in is constantly adjusting clothes and hair to make sure nothing is out of place. I didn't have a backstage pass for some reason, but I was able to make friends fairly fast and while a security guard turned me away from the VIP area, the show organizer chewed him out and I got a pass. Perfect timing.
The models are primarily young, and I realized there is not reason for me to be intimidated by 18 year olds. With the backstage pass, I began eating the food and walking more confidently--my girlfriend did the same. 
I met a lot of the other photographers and easily noticed that I had the most outdated and least expensive equipment. Oh well. During the show, I got to know all the photographers and was impressed by how friendly they all were. Shooting the runway with them was fun, but the actual photography was a little boring and mechanical--definitely not my favorite type of shoot (if I'm only trying to get the tradition runway shot).
It's a different world with all the clothing, models and "MN Glamour." I'm glad I got to see it. 
Here are some of the pictures I took: