In many ways, I thoroughly miss my year living in Korea. The variety and relationship I felt with American music, however, was very much missed in my time abroad.
Since living in Minnesota again, I've intentionally sought after music. By forming a band called "Brown Folk" with my girlfriend, visiting different concerts and supporting my friends, I am filling that music shaped void. There's something about creating and performing that intoxicates me. I love the moment, the afterglow and the process. It's part of me--whether I'm on stage or not. Fame and glory is not the goal. Significance in music is.
My step-brother asked me to create something with him so we could show our children and grandchildren 50 years from now. "It doesn't even have to be good," he said. That's so true. A couple years ago, I found out that my dad used to write worship songs. Even more years ago, I found out that my mother's grandpa wrote a bunch of worship songs in India that are still sung today. I love creating significant music for my sake and the sake of the future. I wish I could hear my dad's songs.
Here are some of the scenes I've been too lately:

1. The Danielson Family!

I thought Sufjan was playing, but the poster lied to me. Either way, I witnessed the most awkward Conga line in history. A bunch of awkward white people dancing to a band dressed in boyscout uniforms. It doesn't get much better than that. This band shows me that being yourself is important and something can be made beautiful through a lot of work.

2. Your Friends and Family!

This is my cousin's friend's band. They are awesome and seem to embrace the community aspects of music. The vocalist is a cool guy and reminds me of the Rocket Summer. Brown Folk will hopefully play with them in the near future.

3. Me!

This is just me creating in the kitchen.

GOD bless American Music.