My band BrownFolk!

Last Saturday, My band, "BrownFolk," performed its debut concert! We worked hard writing all original songs, learning new instruments and forming from the ground up. The band definitely has a lot of work to do, but we are stoked to have started.

This is the first time I've been a main singer for a serious band, and I look forward to growing in this role. I started playing Mandolin only since last December, though singing is way more intimidating. Staying on pitch, keeping the right tone, delivering while playing an instrument and remembering words prove to be quite the challenge. Still, it's a blast. I love writing songs and I feel, with each song I write, I get better and better. Hopefully this is reality.

We were pumped to get the debut out of the way. In fact, we didn't invite any of our friends because we didn't how much we'd stink or rock. We weren't completely happy with our show--some sound issues, mistakes and missed a few parts. Next show we'll be ready to rock and invite our friends!

I was so proud of how Amreitha and Dayna Saur did at our first performance and I look forward to growing and progressing!