BREATHING LIKE A BABY [Singing Blogrimage Day 4/30]

Hello! Here are my updates:
  • Worked on posture
  • Worked on breathing
  • Practiced Scales with Amreitha
  • Sang a few old BrownFolk songs with Amreitha (my fiance)
Breathing is kind of an awkward thing to work on. The point is to produce sound supported by the diaphragm instead of the chest. Practicing this seems super simple, but I can see how it's the foundation for great projection. You get a lot of air by breathing like this. It's also the reason babies can cry so loud.

The above video is a clip from my first voice lesson. With the spacing and positioning between my coach and me, I look really small. This lady knows her stuff, and I have a lesson tomorrow. I'm really excited.

Besides that, today both my calves cramped up during 20 plus rounds of lighting/knock-out and 21 (basketball games). 
Also, today a bunch of us watched a preaching webinar called "Preaching Rocket." It was very informative and helpful for me to become a better communicator.
Well, have a great night!