EATING RABBIT AND SINGING [Singing Blogrimage Day 6/30]

Challenge Updates:
  • Practicing raising the soft palette
  • Practicing breathing
  • Singing with the Mandolin
Allan Theobald cooked a delightful Italian meal at my house today. We hosted a party and the food consisted of a cooked rabbit, meatballs, pasta, salad, garlic pizza bread knots, grilled bread, amazing dessert, and a bunch of other delicious courses.
I hate grocery shopping. I took him to a farm to get a rabbit, and then we shopped at Kroger (our grocery store). While shopping, I practiced my songs and breathing. Some people in the store gave me a few looks, but I've found that practicing in these ordinary moments keeps me consistent and make the most of things I hate (grocery shopping).
Above is a video of scales I practice!