BREATHING EXERCISES [Singing Blogrimage Day 10/30]

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Slow Day

Usually there is a day in the BLOGRIMAGE where the challenge isn't on the mind as much as it should be. Today was that day for me. I practiced breathing, and sang all day, but didn't give it the same determination I usually do. I'm okay with that. 
It is fun to watch the video I made yesterday with the band. I'm excited things are moving forward. A couple people talked to me about my concert on April 12th and said they want to make it. That's going to be so much fun. 
We'll probably have 3-5 original songs, an acapella song, a Michael W. Smith song and some old Brownfolk songs. 

Holding out a note is hard without breath support. I can see an improvement in my support as I exercises like this. Good support also helps me stay on pitch, which I'm a huge fan of.