DON'T CUSS AT MY LADY [Singing Blogrimage Day 14/30]


This is a recording on a song I wrote for  a band in Minneapolis called, "Brownfolk." For my recital, I am singing this song with a full band. This video serves to help the band practice and discover parts for it and also help document the Blogrimage.


  • Picking the brains of singers
  • Singing with my diaphragm
  • Working on pronunciation
  • Trying to discover a "full" voice


The full voice is hard to understand. Some people have really full and rich voices. It's like they have great acoustics in their voice. Last night, I asked a high school girl to sing for me and her voice was so full. I have no idea how to get that, and people who have it don't know how to teach it or what I'm talking about.

I want a full voice--at least the option of it. I feel like my voice is too thin. I asked Jen Forsthoff, a worship leader at Cornerstone Church, how her voice is so full. She's been singing so long, she doesn't even think about it and didn't know how to replicate it in me. That's a little discouraging, but I'll keep on searching! The hidden full voice will belong to me!