BROWNFOLK SONG [Singing Blogrimage Day 17/30]


Brownfolk song--a band I played mandolin and sang for in Minneapolis. We practice it for the first time in this video. This song was written for an acoustic set. It's fun to see it take a new dynamic with a full band. I don't have a mandolin mike, so I'm awkwardly playing the song while trying to sing. It's not the best vocal performance, but it helped get the band on the same page.


  • Nailed down some more songs for the recital


These last two days have been pretty big. We had an all Denim night in our young adults ministry last night. Tonight, we had a car give away night and I think about 50 people became Christians in our church services. Preparing for nights like this is such a privilege, but doesn't leave a lot of room for singing.

I did, however, sneak in some singing time this afternoon. I practice the Black Keys song called, "My next girl." I really love the groove and the vocal style. It's going to be fun learning and playing this with the band!