I won a Lifted-Truck and More.


Last Friday, I picked up a Lifted Dodge Ram with a $3000 bright blue paint job. It's massive and towers above all vehicles on the dirt roads of Michigan I use daily. The coolest part, though, is that I got it for free.

This isn't my first Dodge Ram. A couple months ago, my 1982 Dodge Ram Prospector, purchased for $600, broke down after two years of semi-faithful service. The "Old Prospector" as I like to call it, served me well, but now stays lifeless at a car shop down another one of the Michigan dirt roads I use daily. 

"Randomly" I got a bigger and better Dodge Ram. All because I picked the right raffle ticket at the right event. What a massive blessing. My wife can hardly get into the truck because it's so big. This might be a stretch, but this whole situation made me think about another massive blessing we've all received.

This last weekend, I took a 10 hour seminar on early Church history. I learned about people hashing out critical theological doctrine, hand-writing Scripture and trying to build a structure for Christianity while being killed for the same thing. The reality is that, in the same way I received a truck for completely free, I got a priceless faith inheritance for free. I love it. The Bible made it's way into my hands because of people's deaths, hard work and conviction. 

Sometimes reading the Bible feels like a burden. And spending over $80 filling up my massive truck can feel like a burden, but when I look at the bigger picture, I am grateful that God gave me something I didn't deserve at all. 

The Bible, the Church, Doctrine, and our faith didn't come by accident. Take advantage of the rich heritage we have so easily available. It's a massive blessing. Read your Bible and let us all share freely the faith we've been freely given.