Pixar Storylining [Book Blogrimage 8/30]


This Blogrimage must be modified. Since I've been traveling for conferences and speaking engagements, writing 5 pages is possible, but entirely draining. I am modifying my book writing Blogrimage to working on my Book everyday instead of writing 5 pages. 

If you are discouraged in your own BLOGRIMAGE, don't quit! Just adjust and continue making progress. This whole community centers around adventure, progress and moving forward with desires and callings. Even if you have to adjust to a slower pace, you're still doing something amazing that you had no part of before starting the BLOGRIMAGE. Keep up the good work even if you have to adjust.

Today, I worked on re-outlining my book. At the Seeds conference, a man named Matthew Luhn spoke on creating storylines. He is super credible because is the story artist for Pixar! He's written things like, Finding Nemo, Up and Toy Story. Those stories all have incredible story plots and characters centering around redemption. I thought his advice would be perfect for writing my story.

So I am working on shaping my story by focusing on these things:

  • Character Flaws
  • Premises
  • Beginning, Middle and End
  • Inciting Incidents
  • Exposition
  • Progressive Complications
  • Crisis
  • Resolution

Hopefully this will me write a more gripping and compelling story.

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