Fitting In [Book Blogrimage Day 10/30]


What's up! Still working out my outline. Taking a painful amount of time to give it a clear direction.

Today's Excerpt:

My motives are often wrapped up in trying to fit or trying to stand out. It sounds paradoxical, but seems natural to me. Picking out an outfit in the morning, or finding the right comment for a Facebook post, I’m looking to be unique and original. A couple hours later, when I see my friends a wearing the same t-shirt, I’m looking to see how I can get one. We often want to stand out, but sometimes you don’t. It’s embarrassing to be the only one dressed up for a costume party. Four months ago, my wife took me to a Zombie costume party, and we were the only couple dressed like Zombies. In college, I asked a professor out on a date to a costume party. She agreed, dressed as hideously as possible, and cried because nobody else wore a costume. We want to fit in, but when nobody notices us, we want to stand out.

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