More Outline [Book Blogrimage 13/30]


For my book, I'm still taking my plot direction from Finding Nemo. It's helping to shape my story quite a bit. After this, I'm going to shape how I am going to tell the character stories more. My character, confidants and villains.

More of my outline:

1.     No Turning Back

a.     Mom asked me to get my dad back

b.     I was living in a horrible situation with my mom

c.      He said he wasn’t coming back to the family

d.     I got arrested

e.     Dad moved me from Coon Rapids to Apple Valley

2.     Mini Adventure 1

a.     Starting to gain control

b.     Bad friends

c.      Getting in trouble with school

d.     Pranks in the neighborhood

e.     Using my negativity to hurt friends

f.      Wanting to Commit suicide

g.     Feeling like an outsider

h.     Finding my community in friends

i.       I finally had a place to belong

j.       Drove my friends away because of how mean I was to them

k.     Breaking point leading into a relationship with God: Salvation

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