Re-Outlining [Book Blogrimage Day 12/30]


I keep on working on my outline. If I get this to be what I want, I will write my book with confidence and purpose. Each time I write one, I think get closer to communicating the overall picture I see.

Here is the first part of my outline:

1.     Exposition

a.     Parents life in Sri Lanka

b.     Moving to America 

c.      Raising an awkward kid in a parsonage

d.     Creating a unique Sri Lankan culture

e.     Dynamics between my sister, me and the family

f.      Show the beauty, the fun, the fusion, the diversity

g.     Also, show rejection, looking for attention

h.     Show that I felt like I had a unique place to fit in the world

i.       I could do anything. I was confident.

j.       It was all about me

k.     I was the mama’s boy. I got my way. Center of attention. I was spoiled.

2.     Inciting Incident

a.     My Parents Divorce

b.     Sister Moves to college

c.      Community Rejects us

d.     My dad is out of the house

e.     I no longer had a home

f.      I no longer had an audience

g.     I suddenly didn’t fit in anywhere

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