The Line is Out [Book Writing Blogrimage 15/30]


Spent another hour today working on my outline. Things are shaping more of what I want it to be. Yesterday, I watched the movie Oz while thinking of elements of a good outline for plot. It definitely had an exposition, inciting incident, period of no turning back, progressive complications, climax and resolution, but still was not a good movie. That shows writing, creativity, dialogue and all those elements are still needed. You can have all the "correct" components of a story, and still lose the audience.

Interestingly enough, Oz was filmed in Pontiac, Detroit. 

1.     Mini Adventure 3

a.     Being Called Into The ministry

b.     Finding Mentors

c.      Marc—helped me discover my artistic side

d.     Tim —helped me deal with my mom

e.     Garth—helped me see my leadership

f.      Jody—helped me see how to love people

g.     Sister—helped me hate injustice

h.     Ben—the prophesy

i.       Having a heart for my school

j.       Standing on a lunch table

k.     Writing my testimony on tables

l.       I went to the Zoo School

m.   I preached in Movie Theatres

n.     Praying for healings

o.     Facing Rejection at School