Denouement [Book Writing Blogrimage Day 17/30]


I want to give the readers, at the end of my story, a good resolution. Not every part of my life has resolution, but there are things that do. This last part of my story shows the change in my life and how I view things from my learned perspective. 

1.     Resolution

a.     Going from no Community to God’s community

b.     Going from caring about myself to caring for others

c.      Showcasing what I’m doing now

d.     Showing the parties that my family throws now

e.     Showing where some of those relationships from the past are

f.      I have family all over the world

g.     Learning to love my mom

h.     Helping others fit in (Giving a sermon or something like that)

i.       Given a chance to be selfish, but show how I’ve changed (reference to the past)T