Witnessing before Converting to Christianity [Book Writing Blogrimage 23/30]


I did something Christians called witnessing (sharing the Gospel to strangers) before becoming Christian myself. Somehow, I helped six people become Christian in a gas station, like I said, all before becoming a Christian myself. My life is proof that God can use anything for His glory. There are a lot of things I did with the church before I committed my life to Jesus. I joined the worship band by playing drums, started leading groups and inviting all my friends to church services. I began praying, lifting my hands in worship and inviting Christians to hang out at my house. It’s not that I was exceptionally talented either. Drumming my first time in a worship service, before confessing my faith in Christ, was a train wreck. I had never played with a band, didn’t know what tempo was and did not know any of the songs. Nobody seemed to care how bad I was at everything, and, gradually, I fell in love with God.