Preaching in Theaters [Book Writing Blogrimage Day 24/30]


My friend and I challenged each other to preach the Gospel everyday—no matter what. We found people on the streets, in schools, and the Mall of America to talk to. It was always a little awkward starting a conversation about the Gospel with complete strangers. “Hey, Can we Talk?,” we’d ask and get something like, “Uh, sure.” Sometimes we’d lead people to become Christian, and most of the time we’d irritate people and get dismissed. One time, on my way to watch “Monster’s Inc” with some friends at a Carmike Movie theater, I realized that I hadn’t share the Gospel with anyone that day. I considered where I might preach, and I felt like I should preach before the previews of the movie played. I decided I would preach at the front of the movie theater to a captive audience. At first I was nervous, but the crowd got into it. A few people became Christian that night.