Purple [Book Writing Blogrimage Day 27/30]


Before I got into only wearing orange, I only wanted to wear purple during my middle school days. I’m not sure why I obsessed over wearing certain purple—maybe it was because I loved the Minnesota Vikings so much, but I never got into yellow. To this day, I still obsess over things. Sometimes it’s a new show, and other times it’s looking for the best deal on a motorcycle I never want to buy. As I child, I collected hundreds of Magic the Gathering cards. With my friends in the neighborhood, I traded, researched and got the best cards. Unfortunately, I never knew how to play the game. I had all the right cards—ones that made my competitors jealous—but did not know how to use them. My friends coached me through each games, and, eventually, I lost all of them in a game. These obsessions happened with clothing, music, colors, books and eventually Christianity. When I first became Christian, I couldn’t get enough books. I’d read through the New Testament in a weekend without meaning to. Somehow a preacher named Mike Murdock found out about my conversion to Christianity, and sent me a box filled with 30 books. I poured over those texts and obsessed over learning from anything I could. Some of those books happened to be purpose, by the way.