Physical Healing [Book Writing Blogrimage 28/30]


My dad taught me that faith healings are all hoaxes—just rich preachers pretending to alleviate people’s sickness. It seemed logical. People don’t just get better because someone touches them and prays to an invisible God. I had no reason to doubt him. That is, until I read Scriptures and heard sermons telling me that Jesus is still emotionally, spiritually and physically healing people. The first time I decided to try praying for someone to get better, it worked. The drummer in my band stuck out his foot to stop a boat from hitting a dock too fast. His foot broke, but we still had to play a concert in a few hours. This was the perfect time to test  out this promised healing power the Bible says we have. We, the band, circled around him, touched the cast of the broken foot, the doctor just put on, and prayed. Within a few minutes, he ripped off the cast and jumped soundly on both feet. Like I said, the prayer worked. God healed our drummer.