I've been at the Seeds conference all day. It's an honor sitting next to ministers hungry about learning and reaching this visual generation. The speakers in main sessions and breakout sessions are killing it. I feel like my mind is expanded and my selfishness exposed. I don't want to get into that, but I am growing and thankful for it. Being part of this conference is challenging my ability to write. I'm studying at conferences all day, and end up writing this book at 1am and beyond. Even now, I'm in a tulsa coffee shop called "Phoenix" listening to an artist named Fiona. I love Tulsa. I also love sleep, but this book and my ministry keep me away from both :)

I feel like I have nothing good to write. I'm not fishing for compliments--that's just how I feel. Even when those feelings come, I just keep writing, trusting that God can use my foolishness to put the shame the wise.


A little kid constantly complaining about life’s boredom needs a punch in the face. What happened to the spirit of adventure? Boring people are bored. Exciting people are excited. Whenever one of us complained about boredom to my parents, my mom, or mummy as I call her, told us to grab a piece of paper and write 100 things that we could do to create adventure. She never gave us a different response. She didn’t sympathize with how much free time we had. She didn’t shed a tear because our schedules contained an endless amount of rest and relaxation. She provided us a means to develop creative and imaginative muscles I’m afraid people are unaware of.