Jamaicans call me Steve [Book Blogrimage 6/30]


Pulled into my driveway 10 minutes ago after driving to Michigan from Tulsa. It's good to be in my own bed! 

As I've been writing, I'm clarifying the story I want to tell. I'm re-outlining everything and feel like I have greater focus. One key to inspiration in writing is knowing what the bigger picture is. Writing just to write a certain amount of pages is unmotivating. Writing to tell the greater story, at least gives energy by way of purpose and destiny. Know where you're going and you have more to offer. 

Today's Excerpt:

People all the time asked me what race I am. Unintentionally, I’d misinform people by telling them I’m American-Indian.  First of all, this is deception because I am not American-Indian. My parents were both born and raised in Sri Lanka. My skin is brown so most people think that I am Indian, and I guess I bought that. Before dot not feather became a distinction for South Asian Indians verses First nation American Indians, I adopted the fact that I was American Indian even though that wasn’t true. Another interesting fact during these confusing times is that I was called, “Ben” until I was 13. My full name is Pradeepan Jeevamanoharan Seevaratnam, but my family calls me, “Theban” for short. My American friends heard my family calling me by this pet name. However, they really only heard, “Ben.” For most of my childhood, friends called me, “Ben,” and for whatever reason, my father’s Jamaican’s friends called me “Steven.”