Miracles are Normal! Honduras Update!


For one week, I preached the Gospel in Honduras approximately four times a day. I spoke in schools, the streets, malls, churches and in a Stadium packed with 35,000 people—the most people I’ve ever spoken to!

I partnered with One Nation One Day, an event dedicated to reaching the nation of Honduras in one day. And it happened…an entire nation was presented the Gospel in a day! Hundreds of Thousands of people dedicated their lives to God, over one seventh of the population attended our meetings, and every major media outlet broadcasted our sermons!

We saw physical creative miracles, the deaf began hearing for the first time, the dead raised, and the lame walked. God made Himself famous in a day!

There are so many stories to share. I’ve never seen a nation so hungry for the Gospel. From the moment we landed, Hondurans threw parades for us, holding signs with messages like, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news,” and other very honoring messages. The president, all government officials and the military opened up the entire country for us to preach and people responded.

It was almost too easy. It was God.

One lady ran up to people on my team because she watched a tumor dissolve off of her stomach as we preached the Gospel. She didn’t understand what was happening, but felt healthy for the first time in ages, and dedicated her life to God and the ministry. The thing is, nobody prayed for her.

It was like God was even using our shadows to heal people like He did in the Bible.

This trip is challenging a lot of my beliefs on missions, and the potential for nations to be reached in dramatic fashion.

It's shown me that large scale outreach can be very life giving when done right and that honor opens the door to very effective ministry. There were times when Jesus didn't do great miracles because He was not honored. The Hondurans did not stop honoring us from the moment we landed and I believe that played a huge role in the effectiveness of our preaching and the frequency for supernatural miracles. There's so much to reflect on!

In the meantime, please join me in praying that this fruit lasts and isn’t choked up by thorns or stolen by the enemy.

Thank you for your prayers and being a part of this journey. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.

Below is a sermon I preached the day after I returned from Honduras on how Miracles are Normal for the Christian. In it, you can hear more testimonies from the trip!

Believe God for the impossible and watch it happen!