The Conference is Over, but the Challenge is not [Soylent Blogrimage 18/30]

The last two days were written on my phone, so the quality suffered. I went to a ministry leadership conference at Resurrection Life in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lots of leaders asked me about my challenge. It's very funny to explain it. Not everyone gets it. I honestly would do it if only I knew about it. But that's why I had to write on my phone. 

Something about challenging yourself and creating stories invigorates me. Though I long for food, I love that I'm in the midst of an adventure. When I'm 90 years old, I hope to have at least 90 30 day challenge stories. Old people with countless stores, adventures, victories and tales are amazing. I pray I will be one. 

I'm continuing to lose weight and people are complimenting my looks. One of our interns at the church said my belly is gone. Another girl at Momentum said that my face doesn't look bloated. Haha. Weight loss isn't the goal, but it's a nice benefit. 


  • Hungry!
  • High energy
  • Clear mind
  • Bathroom time is powerful (more than I'd like it to be)