Did someone say Choline Bitartrate? [Soylent Blogrimage 2/30]

Today, I went to church for the first time on Soylent. I get a lot of jokes like "you know what soylent is made out of, right?" Also, a bunch of people tried it and tasted for themselves how disgusting it is [see above video].

[A lonely Soylent Meal amongst plates full of regular food]

[A lonely Soylent Meal amongst plates full of regular food]

Yesterday, I said I'd talk about the ingredients in Soylent and how gathering them made me feel like Walter White in Breaking Bad. I did feel a little shady walking into places and demanding a certain amount of Choline Bitartrate and other substances. Since many of my ingredients aren't found in local Michigan stores, I ordered from Pure Bulk, Amazon, and a few shady places (jk, but seriously). I spent hours looking in local stores to no avail. Luckily, the internet makes projects like this so much easier. 

The Soylent I'm using is made up of the following ingredients:

These ingredients add up to 2000 Calories and 272.8 Carbs a day. 

Here is a breakdown of how it is meeting all my nutritional needs:

For this recipe, I'm using the People Chow 3.01 Version. I couldn't get the famous pre-packaged kind because they are backed up in their production. 

Day 2 Feelings:

  • Still hate it. This is causing me to not eat as much as I should. I'm pacing myself through out the day.
  • My body doesn't feel weak, but my head kind of hurts at times.
  • Pee is yellow even though I'm hyrdrated
  • Stools are regular
  • Energy is normal
  • Socially, it's awkward to eat this stuff while everyone is eating a meal