Three Weeks Completed! [Soylent Blogrimage 21/30]

Challenges like this bring out negative feelings. There are positive aspects to Soylent, though. Besides not eating for 3 weeks now, facing hunger, socially awkward situations, I've experienced some positives.

Not dealing with the hassle of buying food and preparing is freeing. So much of our daily efforts are put into acquiring and preparing food. On top of that, deciding what food we eat. Do you want to go to Burger King? I don't know, maybe White Castle. How about the Melting Pot? The simplicity of not choosing allows me to harness brain energy for more demanding tasks. 

I also feel lighter and clearer. Food often, when I'm not eating very healthy, causes me to feel sluggish. My mind is very clear on this stuff. There is no way people are getting all their vitamins. With Soylent, I'm confident that I'm getting 100% of the Vitamins I need, and my body loves me for it. 


  • Hungry for real food
  • Low energy
  • Crabby