The Sweet Taste of Soggy Cardboard [Soylent Blogrimage 3/30]

[Somehow these guys like my watered down Soylent]

Watering down the Soylent today massively benefited the taste. My first batches seemed especially horrid because of the taste and texture. The texture is something like a thick pancake batter mixed with paper mache pulp. The taste is like bitter chemicals covered in soggy cardboard. After this flavor hits your mouth, the grainy leftovers coat various parts of your mouth. This forces you to use the tongue to find every morsel and push it into your throat. It's really bad. 

Watering down the mixture helps. 

I've now completed 10% of this 30 day challenge!

I want to get blood work done so I can see what this is doing to me.


  • Pee is still Radical Yellow despite proper hydration
  • Social situations are still awkward
  • Energy way higher than normal during my typical 3-6PM crash
  • Missing Food a little, but don’t feel hunger pains
  • Having a hard time eating the full quantity
  • Watered down food tastes way better