I Lost 8 Pounds in the last Four Days! [Soylent Blogrimage 5/30]

I feel a lot of energy eating only Soylent. My midday crashes are almost nonexistent. A friend told me that I try a lot of different food experiments and always claim my energy is going through the roof (Vitamin D, Slow Carb, Drinking Water before Sleeping). So, this energy could very well be a placebo. 

Losing 8 pounds however....

This is not a placebo, though it could be all water weight. If I go beyond 10 pounds of lost weight at this pace, I'll be pretty sure it's water weight. When hearing about this weight loss, people around me are way more open to trying Soylent. Haha. This could be the next big diet fad--in addition to solving world hunger. 


  • Concerned that I might be losing too much weight
  • Excited to see my stomach get smaller #6Pack
  • Getting more and more used to the flavor
  • My capacity to eat more Soylent is increasing
  • Energy levels are Great!