Life without Food Requires a Great Deal of Will Power [Soylent Blogrimage 8/30]


This challenge does not feel fun. Before forsaking all other foods, the thought of eating just Soylent seemed like an adventurous idea. After this challenge is complete, it's going to be a great story and memory to share. Right now, there isn't anything fun about it.

Only 8 days into life without food, I'm relying on pure will power for every part of the day. Sometimes I eat out of habit. Other times I eat out of boredom. To prevent myself from falling into old ways, I'm constantly exerting willpower to stay the course. 

This gives me less willpower in other areas of my life. I have to fight not to get cranky or sad. Food is very joyful. Food is very important for social environments and the act of sharing. Food is an adventure of new experiences. All that is gone for the month of March.

It will make a good story indeed. 


  • Really missing food
  • Exerting a lot of willpower to stay the course
  • Energy is fine
  • Soylent like poop and bright yellow pee