Sleep Deprived [BabyDaddy Day 10]

"The first four months are the worst" is what everyone says. We just finished month one and so far they are right. 

I cherish the last month, but do not want to relive it. 

This morning, Amreitha and I celebrated because we got 4 hours of minimally interrupted sleep. The night before, Obadiah woke up every 1.5 hours to eat, be changed, and be soothed. In other words, torture us. 

Humans should not celebrate sleeping 4 hours in a row. I'm a 9 hours of sleep kind of guy. I've missed dates, finals, and road trips because of accidentally sleeping in.

In Tulsa, back in 2009, I joined a church plant called All Nations Fellowship and played drums for them. One Sunday, I literally fell asleep while playing drums. I woke up to the sound of my stick hitting the tile floor and the congregation looking at me with shame.

I like sleep. My son, however, doesn't care about that at all. He selfishly wakes us up. Amreitha is doing most of the night stuff, but I'm still completely exhausted and sleep deprived. 

Thanks, son. When you're a little older, I'm not going to let you sleep.

Readers, if you can sleep, do so.

How do people survive without it?