Baby Mama [BabyDaddy Day 11]

Obadiah is the first biological family member my wife has ever met. 

She was adopted from India by a Mennonite family in Kansas. Something her, also adopted, sister is in the process of doing right now.

Seeing Amreitha through the process of giving birth and nurturing this child is an unexpected blessing. Not only did I finally get to see her with biological family, I got to see another aspect of her unlimited supply of love. 

A week after our due date, we decided to induce labor. 24 hours later, with no progress, no food and no sleep, we made the decision to have a c-section surgery. Taking our son home 4 days after entering the hospital felt great, but we were exhausted. 

During that first 10 days home, we not only took care of a newborn, but had many sicknesses: 

  • Recovery from the c-section with several relapses
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Strep Throat
  • Wisdom tooth infection
  • Gum Infection
  • Pain Killer Reactions
  • Allergies to Antibiotics

This combined list of of pain we both endured, made this last month so difficult. 

But I'm saying all this to setup the fact that Amreitha has been amazing through all of it. I've seen her love and love and love. I've seen her operate in such selflessness hour after hour. It's inspiring. In the sickness and exhaustion, she's given Obadiah all the kisses, nurturing and attention any kid would ever want. When I was bed ridden for almost 4 days, taking off work, she even took care of me. I love my wife and love watching her love Obadiah. 

Obadiah is lucky to have Amreitha as his mother.